Managing a translation company?
Protemos makes it simple!
Clients, projects, finances - all in one system! Business Plus and Enterprise members receive one FREE license as members and a special 10% DISCOUNT off each additional license
Combine all your processes within a single system
Clients and vendors
All contacts, prices and details in one database. Vendor portal for your translators.
Project management
Manage files from clients, assign jobs to translators & control deadlines.
Control project balances, generate quotes, POs and invoices, track payments.
Business reports
Review profit & loss, efficiency & more on a client, language or project basis
About Protemos
Translation management systems are made to simplify everyday routines as a manager or agency owner freeing up time for more creative and strategic tasks, long term company strategy, improving processes etc. In order to grow your translation company & make it more profitable, you need to manage it effectively: Protemos helps you build and control processes and workflows, manage your team and projects, track invoices and payments, make decisions based on good financial reports etc.
Many agency managers use different tools like Excel, email, accounting programs, but they will find that those are not as effective as working with Protemos - a translation business management system created to keep all your records, files and data in one place, accessible at anytime.

Agencies that do not use project management software are losing opportunities for their business. A small investment in time reviewing & setting up Protemos will save you hundreds of hours in the future. Even agencies that manage to grow without using any translation management system, sooner or later their growth will require working huge hours overtime or hiring lots of people and building a bureaucracy.

Protemos is able to take a huge part of translation project management load from you by keeping and managing all your clients, translators, projects, translation tasks, files, invoices, payments, business reports and more.
Protemos features
Developed for translation companies
Protemos was designed for managing a busy translation business & has been tested in a translation agency's real environment.
Easy, user-friendly registration
Protemos quick start guide & tutorial videos allow agencies to be up and running with Protemos in under 30 minutes.
Comprehensive business analytics
You'll be able to track all of your company's processes all the time. These reports will help you plan how to further develop your business.
Continuous updates and improvements
We consider your feedback and suggestions on improving the system, and we work to make it better every day.
Watch how it works
This video briefly shows how you may start working with the system and use its basic features.
Feedback about us
Protemos is a reliable cloud based TMS with a lot of features. My PMs like the intuitive use. The quick support and the openness to listen to our requirements (with corresponding implementations) convinced us to conclude long term contract. Highly recommended!
Christian Faust
General Manager at Faust Translation
We have fallen in love with this wonderful cloud system since we tried it for the first time. It is now one of the most helpful tools for our team, greatly improving our working efficiency and management quality.
Alex Liu
The founder and team leader at Freelance Translators Union
Protemos perfectly suits our needs: it is simple enough to get started in a couple of hours, and functional to control our company production and finances.
Igor Marach
Shifting from our old system to Protemos improved our operational processes and helped our team to work faster, more efficiently and with higher quality. Comparing to other similar solutions in the market, Protemos is one of the less complicated, easy to use and easy to learn solutions.
Gökhan Fırat
Operations and Business Development Manager of Localex
The implementation of Protemos at our company was a no brainer due to the very friendly pricing policy and the easy to use, browser based interface combined with a wide range of features which are covering all our requirements. On top, end-user support is excellent.
Gábor Bessenyei
Owner and CEO of MorphoLogic
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